My name is Andrea and I started this job in 2000. Originally, I was Arianna’s assistant and I was in charge of working tools’ sterilization, and customers’ management in our former studio.
Today I mainly execute free-hand piercing, that means without pliers. I find this methos less invasive and definitely more comfortable for the client.

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I essentially use titanium’s bio-compatible jewellery, but sometimes I also use other materials, like glass, PTFE and surgical steel. I never use jewellery from Far East, surely cheaper, but also of poor quality. I mainly buy in Germany, UK and USA. I’m doing this to offer our customers good quality jewellery that help piercing’s healing.
I perform surface’s piercing using “punch and taper” technique, microdermal and I don’t use pipe needles.
From 1997 to 2002 I played in metal-core straight edge band Reprisal with whom I recorded 3 albums and I played all around Europe and Japan.