Marlen McKey


My name is Sabrina Palazzi, aka “Marlen McKey”, i’m born on 31st January 1982 in Rimini.
My passion for drawing begins when I was a kid, I always looked at my sister when she were drawing, trying to emulate her; as I have never been very chatty, I soon realized that drawing could have be a great way to communicate, I could have say more with drawings than with words…
Pushed by teachers and friends, I attended Art school that allowed me to improve some sides of art, and to know others, I graduated as graphic designer.
After that, I immediately found a job in a graphic studio that was involved also in fashion, for 3 years I was in charge of women’s accessories, but, with this job, I actually found that fashion wasn’t for me, I wanted something more “enduring”.
I have always be fascinated by tattoo’s art and body modifications, in 2004 I bought my first tattoo kit together with tons of books, handbooks, etc., but fear won the day, and I gave up, thinking I couldn’t do it; the following year I found a job in a new studio in Marche’s region….initially as secretary, listening to customers’ claims and whimsys, then step by step I took back my tools, and started tattoing more and more…..I worked there for 6 long years…
In november 2009 I moved to Madrid, I worked in some studios over there for 8 months, then, tired by chaos and missing my sea, I went back to Rimini where a new excining chapter of my life began…..working at Skinwear’s studio, with real pros, I’m learning new sides of this work. For my tattoos I get inspiration from my twisted world, from dusted objects, you can easily find me fumbling in little markets, I love old stuff, that I transform and mould in my drawings.