My name is Mauro Tampieri, I was born in Ravenna, a small town on the adriatic coast, near the sea.
I graduate at the Ravenna Art Institute, where I studied various artistic disciplines like mosaic, sculpture, painting and decoration, even if I always preferred free draws and sketches to follow my own ideas. The passion for tattoos came along since I was a kid, I’ve been always into thanks to the Skateboard scene and its art and through metal and HC music bands. Growing up my tattoo passion became more serious since I decided to start this as a job. After few different jobs, in the 2003, it all began. I work in a professional team since 2005, when Andrea, Arianna and me opened Skinwear Tattoo, the actual studio.
I love to tattoo and that’s why I always do my best for every kind of style or request but the style I prefer, and what I’m specializing, it’s the Japan style. I’ve been always attracted by japan tattoos because, to me, are impressive and elegant at the same time. As a tattooist it’s always a beautiful challenge trying to harmonize the subject dynamism with the background and the color. This challenge sometimes became more hard and more beautiful because the area of the body is wide (arms or back).
Japanese culture has many beautiful and interesting subjects, those I’m trying to reinterpret through my style, expanding my knowledge, to realize uncommon subjects in my works, for new ideas to propose, more compelling for our customers and more stimulating for me.