Skinwear borns in december 2002, when Arianna and Andrea, after a long apprenticeship in several studios for several years, decided to open their own studio in the historic centre of Rimini.
The quality and the peculiarity of Arianna’s tattoos are such that the studio immediately is a great success, so, after only a couple of years, Skinwear moved in the current location of Via Tempio Malatestiano 35, in an elegant and peaceful flat of Palazzo Diotallevi, always in the centre.
In june 2005, Mauro joined the staff, and at the same time, many artists , italians and foreigners, start to hang out the studio as guests, so to improve artistic and human’ staff heritage, and to vary the quality of the works.
After worked in Marche and Madrid, at the beginning of 2011 Marlen McKey joined the staff.
Our strong points are traditional american tattoo, well rivisited by Arianna, including simbologies of mistyc and esoteric and victorian images, oriental-japanese tattoo in which Mauro combines classic iconography with modern pickups, and naive drawings from Marlen.
At Skinwear, we do all kind of tattoos (tribal , polynesian, writings, floral subjects, portraits, etc.) trying to explain the customer that not everything can eventually become a tattoo.
We prepare customized drawing for every single client, because we believe that every tattoo has to be unique, and not “assembly line” stuff.
Years of passion and hard work, made Skinwear a benchmark for tattoo lovers, for “collectors”, that reach Rimini from all over the world, but also a place in which a “first timer” can, at one’s leisure and wisely leaded, approach tattoo’s world.
Regarding body piercing, Andrea utilizes only high quality european or north american jewellery, avoiding poor quality – far east jewellery. At skinwear, Andrea performs free hand piercing (withou using pliers) microdermal, surface piercing with “punch and taper” method.